Episode 5.3

March 15th, 2012

Without soundboards, guests, or gimmicks, B&A drop this instant classic on an unsuspecting podcast listening public. Bullying, getting thrown into a dumpster, and the inner workings of truth are discussed by the OGs of the rapid-fire-ramble format that is blowing up in... we'll say... Europe(?)

You should probably see a variety of medical professionals if you don't love this episode; there is likely something very wrong with you.

Episode 5.1

March 9th, 2012


After an extended hiatus your favorite podcast hosts return to pour more nonsense into your ear cavities.  Older but none the wiser, B&A are joined by Soundboard Tim to discuss conspicuous death conspiracies, Andrew's psychopathic tendencies, and the finer points of entertainment news.

The Season 5 train is leaving the platform - you'll want to get on now or risk being stuck next to the guy who takes up 1.5 seats and smells like Calcutta.